10 Best Dog Foods for Vomiting & Diarrhea

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Our dogs have a sensitive digestive system. Sometimes for no reason or improper dog food, they suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, which is difficult to control. In due course, they become fragile and lose weight.

You try various medicines and give them for months, but none prove to last more than a few days. Therefore, in such cases, vets recommend some special diets or food supplements to get tummy back in order.

While none of the medications work, such food supplements rich in probiotics, protein, vitamins, and other wholesome ingredients under the recommended usage treat diarrhea within a day. Here we will be discussing the best dog foods that have successfully processed tummy sensitive dogs like German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Dobermans, and all young and elderly dogs.

10 Best Dog Foods for Diarrhea and Vomiting:

1. Purina Pro Dog Probiotic Supplement:

Bad diarrhea lasts around 5 or 6 months. Most vets recommend Metronidazole, and it works great but not a long term solution. Indeed medicines do carry side-effects. After using the dog probiotic supplement, two to three days later dog was back to a healthy condition. Moreover, he slept all night peacefully.

Dogs also suffer from tummy problems, especially German Shepherds. They do not like to eat for days. The probiotic supplements taste good that dogs love to eat. The food is strong enough to recover within a few days: solid poos and no more dodgy tummy.

Besides diarrhea, some other cases involve tear and mouth stains. It looks like dark lines of tear such that your dogs cry all the time. Many try stain removers, combing, wiping face every time, but all last for a day. After trying the dog probiotic supplement for a couple of weeks, stains gone completely.

Key Benefits:

  • Best for diarrhea, tummy problems, and eye stains
  • Contains probiotics to cure diarrhea and tummy problems
  • Highly digestible
  • Contains live micro-organisms to improve intestinal tract

2. Anti Diarrhea Dogs Solution:

Some dogs like German Shepherds have a sensitive stomach, and they are much likely prone to diarrhea and vomiting. Whenever they have a treat or eat some scrap around the table, diarrhea is no far away.
And all the time, you would be running around vets prescribing expensive probiotics or feeding her with rice.

After running through treatments, take an alternative to use an anti-diarrhea dog solution. Start feeding at least 2 ml twice a day. Indeed this formula worked with many dogs and found to firm up their stool.

After the stool regains its shape, based on the health condition, start giving a 5ml solution twice a day for at most three days. Your dog will be back to normal, as this solution worked for many. And also, you and your dogs are going to get a sweet sleep all night without having to wake up by the smell of diarrhea.

Unlike many other anti-diarrhea medications, the smell and flavor of dogs solution are good that doesn’t make your dog run out of the room. It is the easiest way your dogs can intake. The medicine does not smell like chemicals. So your does are willing to take more.

Key Benefits:

  • Relieve diarrhea and diarrhea-related issues like bloating, cramping, and abdominal pain.
  • It contains kaolin clay and pectin fiber to absorb bacterial toxins & improve gut health.
  • Restores dog electrolyte balance lost in diarrhea.

3. Dog Probiotic Chews For Diarrhea:

Be it humans or dogs, good stomach health is extremely important for the overall health of the body. In extreme cases, like diarrhea, it is challenging to afford probiotics. But the probiotic dog chews are inexpensive that you can provide all of them on it.

A remarkable improvement in your dog’s health using probiotics. Like German Shepherds, Dachshunds do suffer from prolonged pancreatitis and weeks of diarrhea. You may be feeding them a special diet, but nothing works well.

While testing probiotic dog chews on some, within three days, the stools become regular and hardened. When special diets failed, dog chews finally kept it under control.

Moreover, you can feed probiotic dog chews continuously for 2 to 3 months to get back healthy metabolism. Gradually your dogs experience normal digestion, coats become thick and shiny, good energy level. So, they happily play around in the park.

Usually, dogs don’t like to consume it directly. You can easily break it into small crumbles on their kibble. You can also add the moist gravy food with the probiotic chew, mix it well, and your dogs happily eat it.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains pumpkin and Lactobacillus for the healthy digestive system
  • Soft chew treats
  • Relieves diarrhea, vomiting and upset tummy.
  • 100% natural ingredients to promote a strong immune system

4. Dry Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach:

Like German Shepherds, Dobermans too have a sensitive stomach. His poop well indicates your dog’s health problem. Moreover, diarrhea is the primary reason behind loose stools. That won’t be a problem for the day; it lasts for months.

In such cases, you need a diet for a sensitive stomach. After feeding with this dog supplement, the poop will become hard and come out on log pieces and of the right color.

Moreover, your dogs will be too excited to eat and required them to chew it for once.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes digestive health and clear stool
  • Rich in Vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin & coat
  • Contains antioxidants for immunity

5. Probiotics for Dogs with Digestive Enzymes:

Some dogs, especially German Shepherds, have chronic diarrhea. It is chronic as it comes and goes with medication. And when it happens, it is awful.

Dogs suffer a lot, and it is horrible for us to deal with it. You may feed them with healthy food and take great care of them, but nothing stops from this periodic diarrhea that is taking place. Usually, in such cases, you may hesitate to feed him supplements, but alt least give it a try. You would regret why did you take a long time to try the probiotic supplement for dogs. Based on test and experience, it remarkably works with even the most sensitive dogs.

Moreover, not only upset belly but also allergies. In addition to applying coconut oil, provide this dog supplement with their regular diet. Within a few days, the skin looks better and thick, regrowth of lost hair. And that results within a few days of dosage.

Key Benefits;

  • Contains digestive enzymes & pumpkin for diarrhea
  • Acidophilus probiotic to prevent urinary tract infection in dogs.
  •  Anti-Coprophagia – Prevents dog from eating thier poop

6. Nutri-Vet Probiotic Soft chews:

As we discussed, dogs are prone to skin and stomach diseases that may be minor or severe. Softer stools are common symptoms of diarrhea, although they look active, happy, eating, and drinking. In the long term, you won’t know how dangerous it can be when dogs lose immunity and susceptible to more diseases. And I figured out early for my dog until its too late.

Often, the first poop of the day is mostly solid, but the rest changes to get softer and softer.

Then I decided to give Nutri-Vet Probiotic Soft chews. Although supplements won’t work magically as you may not see results on the very first day. My dog’s poop was still not solid but much better than before. And it won’t be wrong to say that some dogs have softer stool in general. With regular feeding of the soft chews, my dog barely had any more diarrhea.

Then I reduced the dosage as I was not giving him daily. Towards, in the end, I would give him three chews a week.

The best part is that Nutri-Vet soft chews are not expensive. So, an affordable option for all. Now, I am too happy to have my dog with more solid stool than ever. No diarrhea, no tummy issues & vomiting.

Key Benefits:

  • Soft chew probiotic chews for all dog breeds or all ages.
  • Supports a strong digestive system and immune health.
  • It contains 1 billion CFU microorganisms bifidobacterium bifidum , lactobacillus acidophilus, and enterococcus thermophilus to cure diarrhea.

7. Digestive health supplement for Dogs:

Damaged liver cells release enzymes that cause bouts of vomiting, especially in elderly dogs. Some vets recommend using digestive health supplements to see if it could help. After two days of dosage feeding twice a day, vomiting decreased to almost once a day.

As it is a liver disease, a prolonged feed of digestive supplements necessary to bring things back to normal. Feed at least a year until your dog recovers from the liver disease with regular checkups by the vets. This food supplement too checks to vomit under normal health conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • For all dog breeds suffering from digestive and nervous issues,
  • Free from artificial ingredients and grains that cause an upset stomach.

8. Grain-Free Dog Food with Original Turkey & Chicken:

Digestive issues, caloric, darkened skin and fur, allergies, loose stools, etc. are some of the common health issues with most dogs.

Why should you stop worrying after feeding your dogs with this food supplement?
Meat is the primary ingredient in dog food. The first ingredient label comprises the most substantial quantity of meat in this product.

The meat of turkey, chicken, lamb is considered to be the most digestible for all dog breeds.
Mainly, dog food supplements are like a protein powder that is rendered down a stew-like mixture to maximum strength. Although meat contents are significant, it is more protein than alone eliminates water per ounce.

Not all meals that claim meat is genuine. Make sure that it specifies the source and constituents in detail. Merely saying “poultry meal” or contains meat/beef can mean it came from any source. It compromises with quality standards.

Grains irritate dogs’ stomachs. Therefore, dog food is grain-free. If you want to add fiber to your dog food, then potatoes, oats, brown rice can be on the list, but that should not be among the top ingredients.

For great skin and coat, flaxseed and fish oils are necessary, and one of the constituents of this dog food. If you are providing salmon oil, you may stop as the dog food is more than enough and rich in nutrients. Mentioning the source of the fish oil indicates its quality, just like the meal source.

Food with antioxidants is not only healthy for us but also dogs. Blueberries and broccoli are the natural antioxidants of Healthy for us, fit for them. That’s just my opinion, though. I treat with the fresh stuff when I can.

Feed your dogs daily with this multivitamin supplement. Glucosamine is essential to joint health for any size, age, or weight. As this dog food contains natural preservatives, it becomes the primary choice for most of the dog owners.

Lastly, protein. Vets say, for adult dogs, the food must contain more than 15% of proteins, and this dog food contains protein within a range of 25% to 30%. High protein keeps your dog active, healthy, and long-living.

9. Dog food for sensitive stomach:

Dogs with sensitive stomachs, vomiting, and horrible diarrhea. Even pumpkin fails to stop the running poop.

Try feeding with this dog food for at least a day or two. As experimented in some dogs, their belly was back to normal.

Moreover, dog food is extremely easy to prepare. Simply add hot water and let it sit for some time. Then it is all-white meat chicken.

Even the dogs with pancreatitis and struggling with food and belly issues, this product recovers them wonderfully. You no more need to prepare chicken in the oven or frying pan. The food has everything your dog needs for a balanced diet, and they will love it too.

Don’t hesitate to purchase this product. The product is affordable, and it’s well worth the cost. You won’t be disappointed with the product when you see how convenient it is. And how much it helps your dog.

Key benefits:

  • Contains electrolyte for quick recovery from diarrhea
  • Soothes the digestive tract in dogs.
  • Gluten-free and no artificial ingredients added
  • The self-life of the product is 3 years when freeze and dried.

10. Pumpkin supplement for Digestive Tract:

Be it older or young puppies; digestive issues are common in dogs. Pumpkin can be the life savor. Especially if you mix in some meat or fish, it can be their favorite dish. If your dog has diarrhea, give him two big servings, and within a few hours, your dog will be completely healthy.

Furthermore, feed them the pumpkin supplement twice a day, i.e., in the morning and evening to prevent further problems of diarrhea. If your dog has poop issues, the food is going to be worth it for diarrhea and belly issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains pumpkin & apple fiber to fight diarrhea and stomach issues
  • Antioxidants for strong immunity

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