Can the Heat Affect My Dogs Bowels?

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Yes, heat affects your dogs bowels. The average body temperature of a dog should be 38.75 degrees Celsius. When the heat increases in the body, it implies that the body temperature goes up the recommended value. And, when the surrounding weather is hot, it affects your dogs and puppies too. Moreover, it also depends on what you fed your dogs.

The following reasons that cause heat to affect dogs bowels are:-

1. Infection in Bowels:

Heat is not the direct reason behind infection in bowels as it is primarily caused by food allergens, parasites, and bacteria, as per

However, heat acts as an influencer that increases bowel infection. And, you must prevent dogs suffering from indigestion and dehydration in summers. While these symptoms are commonly found in dogs having infected bowels.

Thus, the heat intensifies the infection and may worsen the dog’s health.

2. High protein Dog food:

We know proteins are building blocks of the body. However, we should not forget that it is high in calories too. High calories mean more weight. If your dog is not regular at exercises then he is going to put on weight.

And in summers more weight means more heat and ultimately exhaustion. It increases anxiety and restlessness in dogs.

Secondly, during summer, dogs may suffer liver from problems. And high protein dog food is primarily a burden for two main organs of the body. Namely, kidneys and liver. And in such conditions, you must limit high protein dog food.

3. Dog Food rich in fats:

Meat, fish, and eggs are difficult to digest especially during summer. If you provide fats with it, that will be too dangerous.

Firstly, the food that is difficult to digest needs more energy to undergo the digestion process. This releases a lot of heat. Secondly,  food rich in fats can add more to that. Thus, avoid providing fat-rich dog foods when the temperature is high outside. Fiber-rich food is recommended.

4. Dog drinks water that is chilled:

It is highly recommended that your dogs drink more water in summer to prevent dehydration and exhaustion. But, remember! The water should neither be warm nor chilled. It should be normal.

Because, when the outside temperature is high, and water is chilled. The high-temperature difference affects digestion and it becomes difficult for the body to absorb water.

How to Prevent Dogs Bowels from getting Affected by Heat?

1. Keep Your Dogs Hydrated:

The body loses water when the temperature outside is high.

Make sure that your dogs are never in short of water when the outside temperature is high. This will result in dehydration that causes dogs to vomit, become weak, decreases appetite, and in critical cases coma.

This even affects the digestibility of food that adverse the problem.

Make sure that your dog’s water bowl should always be filled with clean and normal(neither warm nor chilled) water.

For small breed dogs – Provide 3 to 4 liters of water per day

Large breed dogs – Provide 5 to 6 liters of water per day

For giant breed dogs – Provide 8 to 9 liters of water per day

Furthermore, keep your dogs inside the house. Your dog gets affected when he is directly exposed to the high temperature outside. Moreover, it also warms his food and water.

2. Avoiding heatstroke:

Heat strokes occur when the difference between the body and the surrounding temperature is high.

Early symptoms of heatstroke in dogs are excessive drooling(excessive salivation), panting, lethargic, stands in four-square posture. These are all the early signs of heatstroke.

Remedy: Immediately lick him ice and provide sufficient cold water(not chilled). Keep him inside an air-conditioned. room or in front of a cooler.

Note: Never leave your dogs inside the car particularly when the temperature around is high. It causes the greenhouse effect that causes suffocation & heatstroke in dogs.

3. Take him for a walk in the evening:

A 15 minutes walk or play in the evening is essential for dogs to relax and accelerate his metabolism. A prolonged stay inside the house affects digestion.

While taking him outside, avoid congestion, or take him to a park to avoid noise or disturbance.

Remember! do not exercise more in summer.

Note: Late Evening(after 7 pm) or morning is the best time as the gound remains cool. The paws do no get affected by the hot ground in summer. Moreover, the temperature is also stable for a walking exercise.

Do not over-exercise nor take him out after morning or before the evening.

4. Avoid soft drinks or soda:

Dogs immediately start vomiting if they consume soft drinks or soda.

Normal water is the best way to hydrate and cool your dogs.

Never take a risk by switching to alternatives.

Please refer: What to Feed Dogs in Summer? 

5. Perform Haircut of Dogs:

If you own a dog breed that has long hairs like German Shepherd, Husky, St. Bernard, Pomeranian, etc. Perform haircut of these dog breeds at least once in summer.

Too much hair increases the heat effect thus influencing body temperature. And they also remain uneasy and restless.

And, it is not compulsory taking him to a vet and spend money for a hair cut. It is simple and you can perform it easily at home.

It is just a matter of days that your dogs regrow hair, and by the time heat is gone.

6. Some Important Points To Note:

Some dogs with a small nose like Pug, Maltese are very sensitive as compared to other breeds. Always keep such dog breeds within a room temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Best to keep these dog breeds in an air-conditioned room.

In the summer season, provide food that is rich in fiber and high water-content to dogs. Avoid fats. Because fats create energy and generate heat.

Availability of clean water 24/7.

Save dogs from mosquito bites. Heartworm infection due to bacteria called Dirofilaria immitis that directly infects the dog’s heart. And your dog suddenly dies without any sign. The infection is caused by mosquitoes.

Therefore, heartworm treatment every 6 months is necessary. And deworming every two to three months. Better undergo dog treatment and take precautions before the onset of hot climate.



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