Dog Breeding & Mating: How to Make Dogs Fall in Love?

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Dog breeding and mating take place naturally. You can’t take breeding lightly because it is important to bring the stud and bitch together. At least if they don’t come close naturally.

While I am not talking about artificial insemination, but if your dogs no coming closure for the mating, you have to interfere to make it successful.

However, I have found many who are talking about no human interference, but I chose a different path. My perspective is that human interference can actually advantageous and prove to be successful in dog mating.

Now, let us know how you can make your dogs fall in love.

1. First breeding should be at a young age:

Let’s say, you have a young dog of four to five years old. However, they won’t be called young as it is equivalent to a middle-aged person. But breeding for the first time often shows difficulties.

There may be a couple of reasons like your dog may have low libido or sperm count. Or he may be inexperienced to know what he supposed to do. The primary reason is that your dogs have become too old to be ready for breeding.

18 years old is the very first age when your dog should step into the mating experience for the first time. The more you delay, the lesser chances that your dog it going to perform a successful mating.

Also, it is important to take precautions beforehand. You must examine your pet from a vet to make sure whether your dog(he or she) has a sexually transmittable disease. Otherwise any unwanted genetic conditions—like hip dysplasia or certain eye diseases. And such diseases mostly pass on to their offsprings.

Moreover, to get the correct time for your dog’s breeding, consult a vet.

2. Experienced partners make breeding easier:

Usually, male dogs find it trouble in mating than female dogs. It might sound astonishing because you may see males running after females outside. I m not talking about stray dogs who learned their living outside.

While your pet dogs aren’t the same as the stray ones. Female dogs generally find it to experience less trouble in mating than males do.

Therefore, the solution is matching a male with a more experienced partner. It will make the mating job much easier.

3. Take female to the male:

In occasional cases, male dogs get nervous when they travel to another dog’s turf.

To find a solution, do the reverse. Take the female to the male. Because males perform better and have more confidence when they are at heir place or environment.

4. Dogs may be nervous initially:

If you have a female dog and you are in search of the male, she may hesitate for the first. Usually, she frightens being takes out of the house to an unfamiliar environment.

Most, importantly, the environment does not mean that your pet shall mate with the stray dogs outside. Never. There are some dog sellers who may be in your city who charge you a minimal price for your dogs to mate with others.

Moreover, to make her comfortable, you can her favorite toy or a cushion that gives her a sense of familiarity as she experiences at home.

5. A nice introduction works well:

Like love at first sight, dogs(male & female) may like each other when they met for the first time. However, in many cases, blind dates don’t work.

Female dogs are not going to accept the male ones if they don’t know him. Similar to humans. And in such a case, you don’t be in a hurry to rush things fast. Just imagine the love formula between humans.

Give them time, like I said humans do. Get them a comfortable place, and a calm environment. So that they can spend a few hours to an entire day together, They should be comfortable with each other.

When you allow them to proceed and come close at their own pace, the succeeding events will occur naturally.

6. Some triggering objects may be necessary:

Sometimes it won’t be possible to fix a prolonged face-to-face meeting as they won’t find it comfortable while they meet for the first time. In such cases, most probably you must trigger events.

I mean to say, you must place some objects like blankets, dog toys, or any object that your dog is comfortable with. Because your pet has a scent on it and it somehow manages the situation your dogs are not used to.

Evidently, both dogs and cats recognize the world through smell. And if they get acquainted with the smell they have been with it before, then it will make the situation somehow comfortable to finally meet each other and spend a long time.

7. Provide a place without distractions:

For instance, for humans than fall in love for the first time, they find a serene place like a park, or a hill station to avoid distractions. Similarly, your dogs do require the same. They too become shy(for the first-timers) and remain uncomfortable when the place around is full of distractions.

Therefore, you must provide a quiet atmosphere. Most importantly, your pets do not like it when somebody is looking at them.

However, you cannot simply leave them in a closed room or a quiet place alone. You must see whether everything is going fine.

Hence, the best solution is to, provide a place that provides a hidden view. Most probably a garage that has a window, screen, or any outlet so that you can peek around and make sure that everything’s going okay.

8. Give them encouragement:

Encouragement gives the power to proceed. Similarly, your pets need it too. When they experience something for the first time. It may your dog training or mating. If they are doing it for the first time, you must encourage them.

Often, your pets may be unsure of what to do next. As they are doing it for the first time.

Therefore, speak to them calmly, in a cheerful voice, and reassure that everything is going fine and you are with them.

9. A slippery floor can be dangerous:

In addition to the distractions we discussed above, the slippery floor also acts as a distraction for your pets.

Because your dogs find it dangerous if the couple may slip and fall while mating.

Therefore, always provide a mat or a rug spread on the floor that provides strong a grip while footing.

10. Find another partner:

While most pets shall like breeding with the mates of your choice, others can be extremely choosy. It is similar to an arranged marriage vs love marriage in humans.

Either one or both of them do not like each other or completely uninterested, which may end up with aggression and fights. And it is obvious that you won’t want your pets to transform love into a war.

You are only left with an alternative to finding another compatible partner for your dog.

11. Move her to help him:

For male dogs, that are virgins. Those who have never mated are surely going to confuse what to do further. In most circumstances, they commonly approach the incorrect end or simply end up having trouble. Especially, while mating.

Don’t try to guide him, because that often results in the male dogs losing interest while mating. And that spoils everything.

Instead, try to move the female into an appropriate position. While undisturbing male dogs.

12. Apply lubricant for easy penetration:

When penetration becomes rough and uncomfortable, you best option to use an over-the-counter lubricant

Moreover, it is better to use a water-based lubricating product like K-Y Jelly.

13. Allow for the bathroom:

The mating act stimulates more than just the libido. And they definitely need to pee ahead.

So, you can open the bathroom door for them.

14. What to when dogs get stuck after intercourse?

After mating, the female’s muscles contract, and the male penis swells. The resulting “tie” will often keep the pair locked together for 30 minutes to an hour.

You need to watch that they don’t hurt themselves,

An inexperienced male doesn’t always know he has to get off and turn around backward.

If the two don’t separate on their own within 60 minutes, make sure the male is in the original mounting position. Then push down on his rump to help release the connection. A little ice pack on the male’s testicles may also help.


The dog lovers treat their pets more like a human. Indeed, to make you dogs love each other and perform a successful mating, your involvement is necessary. Maybe a peek through the hole to eliminate distractions.

Mostly, your pets experience it for the first time. So you need to accompany them with some of the familiar items like dog toys, cushions, blankets, or any object your dog is familiar with.

Finally, search for the right partners for your dog. So that may be interested in each other. To find a breeding partner, you may contact a local dog vendor, that may charge you a minimal amount to mate with their dogs. Or maybe you have the other option to mate with your friend’s dog. Any way you like it.


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