Grow Your Dogs Bigger, Stout and Sturdy – Feed This Dog Food

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How to grow your dogs bigger, stout, and sturdy that gives an aggressive look? We have brought you a series of tested methods that have transformed a meek-looking dog into strong, stout, and bulky growth, without any use of on-store medications or steroids.

It is the dream of every dog owner that their dogs look beautiful and stronger than other dogs. That is to say, your dogs look healthy and strong. Moreover, many of you may keep dogs to guard you, your family, and your house. For that, dogs should be strong and aggressive. They should do it perfectly.

But, you to follow a few steps to make a dream come true.

1. Deworming is the Key to Successful Dog Health:

Kill the worms in the stomach and get results of your feed. This is deworming. Else the worms will be consuming everything and you are ultimately losing your dog’s health.

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Alternatively, you can provide Ivermactine – 5 to 10 mg tablet for deworming in dogs.

Remember, without deworming no remedy is going to work for your dog. No staple food, medications, dog supplements shall prove to be effective without deworming. Irrespective of whatever techniques you apply from any source.

2. Unripened Curd Cheese – For Vegetarian Dogs:

cottage cheese

This formula is for dogs who feed on veggies or vegetarian food only.

Get the soft cottage cheese, not the hard ones available in stores.

But, no worries! The simple way to get it prepared at your home. I will be helping you prepare that. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Get 2 liters of milk. May be packaged or loose.
  2. Put two to three drops of lemon juice into the milk and mix properly
  3. Then put it under a flame to heat it up. The curdling of milk will begin and within a few minutes, the cheese will accumulate at the top while leaving the liquid at the bottom.

Now, collect the cheese at the top. While you must also store the remaining liquid as we shall be providing both to dogs in a phased manner.


On the 1st day, feed your dog with a small quantity of cheese. And gradually increase the quantity in subsequent days. As feeding all at once may cause vomiting or diarrhea in dogs.

Next, the leftover liquid that I said to store. Because this is not just water, it is also nutritious.

Similar to cheese feeding, provide this liquid in small quantities like 1 tablespoon on the first day. And then gradually increase its quantity as per your dog’s digestibility.

I guarantee you. If you follow this formula, within 8 to 10 days you will get results.

3. Meat with fats – For non-vegetarian dogs:

meat with fat

As I said before — deworming is important for any formula to work.

Next, for your dogs to become stout and strong, you have to make a few changes in their staple diet.

Like, you feed them lamb or pork meat, or any meat. That used to be fat-free. But in this formula feed them fats with the meat, i.e. it should not be fat-free.

Particularly, feed your dogs with boiled meat and rice. Moreover, do not throw the starch liquid after boiling rice.

Provide this boiled rice starch liquid 1 tablespoon on the first day and increase the quantity in subsequent days. Do not overfeed in a single day as it may cause stomach issues. Feed, keeping in view of the dog’s digestibility.

4. Albumin + Egg Yolk:


Most of you may be feeding only the albumin portion of eggs(the white part). Now, make a little change in it.

Feed the entire egg to dogs. That is to say, egg yolk + albumin = dogs grow healthier

5. Protein:

Protein is the muscle-building component in dog food. Homemade dog food should contain at least 60% of proteins.

Thus, animal proteins are the best source of protein. Such as chicken, lamb meat, eggs, and fish, are some for the rich protein sources.

If you have a vegetarian dog, then soybeans1, curd2, cottage3 cheese4, pulses5, and lastly pulses6 are some of the alternatives to animal protein.

But, remember! Animal proteins are the utmost priority. However, in extreme cases like a vegetarian dog or other reasons, soybean is the best alternative. If not available in your region, go for curd and so on. Furthermore, if you don’t find it any, then pulses should be your final option.

6. Calories:

Your dog food should contain 20% of calories. It provides energy to dogs.

1. Brown rice is the best source of calories. That should be your first priority. Else white rice is also a suitable alternative. Remember, you should feed them boiled, not raw.

2. Potatoes are also additional sources of calories. Feed boiled, not raw. Because raw potatoes are toxic to dogs.

3. Multi-grain flat round bread. The multi-grain includes sorghum, pearl millet, cornflour, and wheat. Remember, this dog food should be the last alternative if the above two options are not available. Because corn flour and wheat are not good for some dogs.

7. Fiber:

Your dog food should contain 20% of fiber. This helps your dog achieve a healthy weight.

Pumpkin is the best source of fiber.

Moreover, you can add carrot, spinach, and green beans to the pumpkin. Most importantly, feed boiled, not raw.

Note: If all of the above, natural sources of vitamins, as we discussed, do not give satisfactory results. purchase a multi-vitamin supplement. Or, you can also consult a vet.

8. Dog Treats:

Treats work best as they provide high energy and strength to dogs, especially for dog training.

Apples are the best natural source of dog treats.

If you have a puppy below 6 months in age, feed them boiled apples. Do remember to peel off and mash after boiling, before you feed.

For dogs above 6 months in age, you can feed them raw. But, remember to peel off and mash apples before you feed them.

Next, banana is also a good dog treat. Peel off and cut into pieces before you feed. Feed raw.

Finally, you can also add papaya as dog treats. Remember to feed them boiled, not raw.


Finally, if you go through the above article, I have always stressed on the deworming of dogs. For any of the diet and food supplements to work effectively. Not only what we discussed, but also any food suggestions you get from any source.

What I found that many books and sources recommend a lot of things but prove to be ineffective as they skip the basic health problems associated with every pet.

Moreover, follow the above directions, to provide the best dog food at home.

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