Make Your Dogs Aggressive_ Simple Home Training with Dog Food

Make Your Dogs Aggressive: Simple Home Training with Dog Food

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How to make your dog aggressive to strangers? No worries! Here, you will get the best home training and dog food that will make your dogs aggressive to strangers.

Most of us keep dogs for personal attachment, guard our houses, or both. Some of the best-known guard dog breeds are German shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, Great Dane, boxer dog, etc.

Most importantly, our main aim is to make any dog a perfect guard against enemies. And a dog won’t be a perfect guard dog until he is aggressive.

For instance, when someone transgresses your property or enters illegally, like a thief. If your dogs do not react or simply befriend them, then such pets are only good to fit on your lap.

Therefore, in this article, I shall share seven rarely known techniques that will make your dogs not only friendly but also aggressive within a few months. Yes, months because, dog training is not a magic play or spell to work instantly. It needs regular training and proper diet.

All these methods are fully tested and 100% working. I tested it on 12 dogs nearby my house, like neighbors. They all worked perfectly. Moreover, these are home remedies. You do not have to buy anything from stores. So, you must go for it.

1. Initial Setup by Mother Dogs:

Before we start, I shall share with you one important information. Dog training starts with their mother.


Puppy kids are born with their eyes closed for the first 15 days. Beyond this period until at least one month, do not keep them away from their mother.

Because, in the meantime, a puppy breastfeed, learns many qualities, habits, and skill from his mother. Most importantly, small puppies have easy grasping abilities to learn any habit or skill quickly.

You must bring these puppy kids home after 45 days they spend with their mother.

Because this initial setup shall make your way easier to grow an aggressive dog.

2. Two Months beyond Initial Setup Period:

Add two months beyond 45 days after you bring home a new puppy. This is your phase of responsibility to upgrade them further.

As you may note that the training procedure starts too early. Because it is easier to train right from the puppy stage than starting with an adult dog.

However, no worries, if you missed it. Our remedies do work perfectly on adult dogs too. Read further.

3. Keep Dogs with Your Family:

Keep dogs with you and your family. Do not isolate them. Most importantly, do not keep them outside your house. Like some people do.

The biggest drawback of keeping them outside is that they get familiar with strangers as well. Like street dogs. And they gradually become friendly and behave uniformly to anyone they see. They won’t react to any unfamiliar event.

Therefore, you are most likely to keep them with you and your house members(avoiding stranger contact during puppy stage) so that they get used to recognize you and your family.

4. How to Train Dogs to Bark on Strangers?

Before you apply this technique, you must be aware of your dog’s taste buds. The dog food they beg for more. Through trials and experiments, you can make out what your dog loves the most. After that, apply this technique from around 5 to 7 months of your dog’s age.

First, teach them to bark when you spell out some code words. Like, Bark! Bark!. And the dog starts barking.

Second, bring in a stranger to your house(at least stranger for dog). Now, spell the code words that your dog should start barking after seeing the stranger.

Third, ease your dog to stop barking and serve him with his favorite dog food.

So, what did you understand from above? Let me explain

If the dog obeys you, he will be awarded his favorite food. This is how your dogs learn to act upon your command.

5. Avoid Hard Training for Aggressive Dog Breeds:

There are various dog breeds. But some dog breeds are born aggressive. Such dog breeds are Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Boxer, etc that are genetically aggressive.

That is to say, if you train them a little, you can easily make them aggressive, even if you missed their puppy stage and grew them into adults.

Important Note: Beware! you must not provide hard training to aggrieves dogs. Else, they may go out of control. And, the most common outcome is that – they will bark all the time or sometimes bite for no reason.

6. Not only aggressive but also protective:

Being aggressive is not only the requirement of having a dog. They should also be protective in nature.

That is to say, your dog should not be excessively aggressive but they should protect the house members.

7. A Healthy Dog Food is Must:

Healthy dog food is the ultimate way to successful training. A dog is aggressive when he is healthy. Therefore, you must follow some necessary steps to grow a healthy dog.

First, as I always recommend, you must regularly perform deworming treatment of dogs. Without deworming, nothing shall work. An unhealthy dog will not be aggressive. Even healthy dog food will be a waste.

Second, feed your dogs with food that makes them stout and strong.

Please Refer: Grow Your Dogs Bigger, Stout and Sturdy – Feed This Dog Food

Moreover, you can provide Unripened Curd Cheese, meat with fats, egg yolk with albumin(white portion) in limited quantities regularly.

Further, the staple dog food must contain;

1. Protein:
Sources – Animal protein soybeans, curd, cottage cheese, pulses
Benefits – Builds a bulky and muscular body of dogs. In addition to training.

2. Calories:
Sources – Brown rice, potatoes, multi-grain thin bread
Benefits – It provides energy to dogs.

3. Fiber:
Sources – Pumpkin, carrot, spinach, and green beans
Benefits – Helps dog achieve a healthy weight

4. Dog Treats:
Sources – Apples, banana, papaya
Benefits – It provides high energy and strength to dogs, especially for dog training.

Note: Get the feeding directions and detailed procedure(‘Please refer’) from the above link.

Final words:

We shared these simple dog training methods so that they can be trained at home to make them aggressive.

And that you need not require any help or support from a dog trainer. All steps are easy to perform. Do not skip steps. Please follow it sincerely. And do share with others if you find it useful.

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