6 Most Important Things Your Dog Needs All Time

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From mini puppies to oldest dogs, any size, any breed. All canines have a basic set of needs. To keep them happy you need to fulfil the requirements that will help them keep happy and growing. This enables a healthy metabolism and avoids health problems and behavioural changes.

What will I need when I bring home a new pet?

Before bringing home a new pet you must have these following items/equipment on hand:-

  1. Must be aware of the food type that the dog is already habituated to eating.
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. A dog bed
  4. If you bring a puppy which is young, you need a warm hot water bottle with a cover lid.
  5. A collar and an identity tag
  6. A leash
  7. Some dog toys
  8. Healthy treats.
  9. A puppy training indoor crate for house training. It will help prevent the dog from chewing things it shouldn’t.
  10. Lastly, make pet insurance to avail veterinary fees and other liabilities in case your dog suffers an accident or injury.

So, let us look in detail over the important things to make sure that you got everything that your dogs need:-

1. Dog Shelter:

Dog House

Like any animal, dogs need shelter from rains, snow, hot summer with a comfortable bedded area. In most cases, this means providing a bed area in the home, but it is important that all outdoor dogs have access to a covered kennel area that is dry and insulated. So that should not be neither too warm nor too cold.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to drainage as well. And the direction of the prevailing winds do not flood the kennel sheltered areas.

Furthermore, shade in summer is also important to avoid overheating.

2. Dog Food:

Dog Food

Dogs require a basic nutritional intake that differs from that of others. And that must be met if the animals are to remain healthy.

Dogs are omnivores. Ideally their diet should contain meat and serials to provide sufficient nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to meet daily requirements. Additionally, they require food supplements like dry dog foods rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, carbohydrates and fats to grow, maintain health, prevent aging and heal from injury and diseases.

3. Fresh Water:

Dog Food and Water Bowl

All dogs must have constant access to fresh water. On average, your dogs should drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight. Moreover, environmental temperatures may influence the intake especially during summers.

Additionally, pick the right size water bowls for your dogs. It shouldn’t be too large for small puppies to swim into or too small for large breeds to stuck.

However, if your dogs suffer sudden and excessive thirst, it may not reflect good health conditions that need treatment.

4. Dog Toys:

Dog Toys

Play is an essential part of a dog’s life. And what can be a better substitute for dog toys. There are a variety of dog toys available in the market. Playing with your dogs is the best way to know your preferences. Some dogs are aggressive chewers that like tough toys and others like sneaky ones.

5. Pay Attention:

Pay Attention to Dogs

Dogs generally enjoy human interaction and benefit emotionally from play and attention.

Grooming, petting and checking dogs over regularly also allows owners to make sure that there are no signs of disease or abnormalities that may need treatment or veterinary assessment.
Plenty of human interaction makes dog owners happy. Owners get to know their dogs well and recognize problems at an early stage.

6. Outdoor Access is Necessary for Exercise:

Dogs Grow Physically & Mentally With Exercises

All dogs must have regular access to areas where they can relieve themselves. They can move, jump, play around and enjoy. This ensures your dog to be physically and mentally fit.

For most dogs, it means letting them out into the yard at least every four to five hours in a day. Most necessarily for puppies. And during night hours, do not leave them shut inside for more than eight hours.

Leaving them longer may become impossible to hold their bladders or bowels resulting in accidents in home.

In addition, all dogs need a suitable level of exercise for their types/.breeds and ages. One or two walks or training sessions each day is sufficient. During this time they get an opportunity to run around and stretch their legs. As well as they have some fresh air and a change of scenery to avoid boredom.


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