How to Deworm Dogs and Puppies? – Medications & Schedule

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After reading this article about home-based treatment for deworming dogs & puppies, your dogs are going to get a new and healthy life. This article will prove to be the most beneficial for your dogs, as I will be sharing with you a rarely known remedy for deworming. And that, if you get and put it into practice, definitely it will wipe out at least 80% of dog diseases. That is to say, your dogs will be immune to many diseases.

Here, you will get complete information about deworming such as —

  • When to perform deworming treatment,
  • Dosage directions
  • Deworming schedule
  • Feeding timing
  • Feeding procedure, and more.

So, read the entire article step-by-step and do not skip any part to get into confusion or misinterpretation.

Note: If your dog is pregnant, ask your veterinarian before you start deworming treatment.

Let us start!

1. Your feed is Wasted without Deworming:

Irrespective of whatever you feed your dogs. From a healthy diet, vitamins, minerals, or dog food supplements to medications, without deworming the entire feed is wasted.

That is to say, if you are not treating your dog’s stomach to free from worms, germs, or bacteria, whether you feed the healthiest diet of the world, you gonna get a zero output.

That proves, deworming- a treatment in dogs(or animals) to free from worms & harmful bacterial is very important.

2. How to Know Your dog Needs Deworming?

That grows inside a dog’s body:

These worms grow up inside the dog’s body. They are – Roundworms, tapeworms, flatworms, grow inside the dog’s stomach

That grows on dog’s skin:

These grow up above the skin. They are – ticks, mites

Symptoms: Dog eye discharge, dog oral discharge, laziness, decrease in appetite, itching, hair loss, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

But the most obvious symptom is that your dogs become lazy and remain exhausted, weak. Prefer to lie at any corner of your house. Although, you feed the best food to your dogs. Nothing works!.

Another obvious symptom is that your dog moving round and round to catch his tail. If you find these symptoms in your dogs, they instantly need deworming.

3. Start Deworming Treatment at the puppy stage: Deworming Schedule

From 0 to 2 weeks: Start deworming treatment when your puppy attains the age of 15 days or 2 weeks. 

Until 2 months: And continue providing this treatment every 15 days till your puppy attains the age of 2 months.

From 2 months to 6 months: Further, continue providing this treatment once every month until your puppy attains the age of 6 months.

From 6 months to further: Beyond 6 months, provide deworming treatment to dogs every 2(for non-vegetarian dogs those consume meat, fish, etc) to 3 months(for vegetarian dogs feeding on veggies only). 

Simply, you are decreasing the deworming treatment frequency with age. But the process must start from an early age. You must strictly follow this deworming schedule.

4. Allopathic Medicines for Deworming:

Follow step 3 for deworming schedule

Medicines for puppies less than 6 months in age.


  • Pyrantel Pamoate – 14.4mg/ml
  • Febantel liquid/suspension – 15mg/ml

Dosage directions:

The dosage directions of the above medicines depend upon your puppy’s weight.

For puppy weighing 1kg/2.2 lbs – Provide 1 ml on every dosage till 6 months.

Similarly, puppy weighing 2kg/4.4 lbs – Provide 2 ml on every dosage and so on.

Best time to provide medication for Deworming:

Evening“- is the best time to provide the above dosage.

Most importantly, do not feed your puppy 1 hour prior to medication and 2 hours post-medication. It means your dog should be an empty stomach while you provide this dosage.

Easiest way:

It is not a delicious food that your dogs will eagerly intake. You have to inject opening up their mouth.

Take a syringe without a needle. The fill it in with the required quantity of medicine. Slightly open your puppy’s mouth, putting inside the needless syringe and slowly inject so as to prevent any choking.

For dogs above 6 months in age:

For dogs above 6 months of age, provide tablet whose composition is:

  • Praziquantel – 50mg
  • Pyrantel Pamoate – 144mg
  • Fenbendazole – 500mg


  • Ivermectin 5mg(it also works for skin diseases)

Dosage directions:

Similarly, you also provide the above medicine based on your dog’s weight.

For a dog weighing 10kg/22 lbs – Provide 1 tablet on every dosage

Similarly, a dog weighing 20kg/44 lbs – Provide 2 tablets on every dosage and so on.

5. Home Remedies for Deworming:

If you do not want to go with allopathic medications, there are home remedies too.

Indeed, do not hesitate to follow this. Because we have tested on many dogs and found 100% positive results. Moreover, if the allopathy medicines are not available in your region, then home remedies are equally effective and economical to treat deworming in dogs.

With this formula, you can easily perform deworming treatment of your pets, dogs, or puppies at home. And may sound a complex procedure, but it is too easy.

Puppies less than 6 months in age:

Feed you puppies with 1/2-teaspoon of turmeric powder in every 15 to 20 days till 6 months.

Dogs above 6 months to 1.5 years in age:

From 6 months to 1.5 years in age – Feed 2 cloves of garlic every 5 to 6 days regularly.

Beyond 1.5 years – Increase the feed to 5 cloves of garlic every 5 to 6 days.

Feeding garlic cloves in regular diet is good for all dog breeds.

But, if your dog is pregnant, seek advice from a veterinarian for deworming treatment.

Moreover, regular deworming treatments keep your dogs healthy and stout, stops loss, with twinling eyes indicates of good health.

Final Words:

I hope! you have followed through the entire treatment procedure for deworming of dogs. The medicines, age requirement compositions, dosage directions must be regularly followed. And, complying with the deworming schedule I provided above.

Moreover, the worms that grow inside your dog’s stomach, will destroy or further stop infesting your dogs if you regularly follow the above medications.

Thus, you dog will remain active and healthy. Furthermore, it shall improve digestibility in dogs too.

Therefore, please share this information and keep visiting us, so that you get updates regarding any important information on dogs.


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